Making The Transition



Same people. Same music. New name. 

Over the last few months, we began to notice our name holding us back in terms of growth. A few other bands with the name Native Spirit starting popping up recently and we have found it best to begin a fresh start. While we’re sad to leave behind a name that’s encapsulated our band for the past year and a half, it seemed like a prime time to make the switch as we’re on verge of releasing our first EP and get ready to play exciting shows over these next few months.

After many conversations and disagreeing on name after name, we finally came up with Vacation Manor. We agreed that this name reflected our music well while also representing our story. At the start of the band Josh and I (Nathan) were still working and living in the DC area, often using our vacation days to go down to Lynchburg, VA to practice and write new material with Cole and Dane. We had some friends that were kind enough to let us practice and sleep in their basement during the beginning phase of the band and this is where we wrote our first few songs and prepared for some of the first shows we ever played. Many of our best memories were made in that house and it’s really come to represent our roots, as well as the communal and relational aspects of our band that tie us together as friends, not musicians only. 

So with that being said, we’re excited to welcome you into this next phase as Vacation Manor. We’re also looking forward to introducing you to the new EP that will be released this Spring!

Much Love,